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Robert "BoBBY" Moore Interview

Robert "BoBBY" Moore Interview
By C.W. Ross
Bobby is one of the good guys. Robert "BoBBY" Moore is one of those amazing people who believe that its not how you fall, its how you get up that defines you! Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) in 1998 it hasn't stopped him.
Although he has to deal with the effects that come with having MS (Multiple Sclerosis) he's kept a positive outlook.
He says, "My shell is a little tattered but my heart is still gold!" You can see that in the charity giving he gives donating a portion of his proceeds to Feed The Children along with giving his music for free to people in public service realted jobs.
I would really encourage you to give Bobby's music a listen and if you like it help him out with a purchase of his music.
Before we get to the interview that I recently done with Bobby here's something that I got from his epk (electronic press kit)-
Born in St. Louis & raised near Wentzville MO, Robert "BoBBY" Moore gained the reputation as the 2nd best guitarist in town. After being dubed a "Stunning Lead Guitarist" by Jim Marshall, founder of Marshall Amps, BoBBY founded the LACE ENTERAGE band. Shifting from Guitar to Bass & producing the "LACE" album, his inspiration & leadership propelled their regional success! BoBBYs duties on the "LACE 2" album included Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Engineering & Producing, in addition to growing into the primary songwriter! "LACE 2" was near completion when BoBBY was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.). In his darkest hours, unable to fret a guitar for more than two minutes at a time, he never gave up hope, he never stopped believing! His love for music & need to express himself served as fuel to drive his recovery from being confined to an electric wheelchair! After nearly a decade of raging against the disease, the music on "CraZzy/ Honestly" is an amazing celebration of life & a testament to his ability to endure & overcome! While he'll probably never get to be the best guitarist in Wentzville MO, as that spot still belongs to Chuck Berry, you can occasionally find him walking down the sidewalks of Hollywood, with a smile on his face, he refers to it as home.
Our Interview: 
1. It must have been devastating when you got diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) ?
BoBBY: When I got "the phone call" I remember how shook up my Dr. was at my MRI/Brain scan results. At the time, I had no idea how to spell Multiple Sclerosis much less what it is. So I consoled my Dr., as best as I could, reassuring him that I would be ok. Of course, he knew what was going to happen to my life and I didn't. When you see other peoples brain scans on T.V. it's really no big deal, but when it's your own brain in the picture-it gets kinda scary. Especially the part of the conversation that goes "no-known-cure".
2. How does your music help you dealing with your MS?
BoBBY: Music is my love! My passion! It's what brings balance to my life! I'm very fortunate to be able to devote as much time to it as I do, because one of the down sides of making music by myself is the extra time it takes to come up with all the other instruments parts. It takes me about a month to write and record each song by myself.
3. To someone reading this that hasn't heard your music before how would you describe it?
BoBBY: Asking an artist to describe his art is kinda like asking the rain to describe the mud (lol). I'm probably not really the best person to ask. CRAZzy/HONESTLY is actually two projects merged. First I made HONESTLY. It is 3 Acoustic guitar songs that I recorded to see if anybody cared. People were encouraging me to continue so I made CRAZzy, 3 Electric guitar songs. I put them together so that they make the 6 song EP CRAZzy/HONESTLY. For only 6 songs I cover a rather large musical spectrum. I was listening to Kelly Clarkson a lot when I started-not so much when I finished (lol). I just call it rock music.
4. With your earlier releases you recorded with an band but on your latest release, CraZzy/Honestly you did everything yourself from the all of the vocals to playing the drums, and electric, acoustic and bass guitars parts. As well as arranging, engineering, mixing & producing it. Was this a planned or did it just happen? If it was planned what made you decide to go the solo route?
BoBBY: I actually program the drums on Reason, but no it wasn't planned so much. I was hoping that once I moved to Hollywood someone/anyone (OZZY!) would wanna give me a lot of money to play lead guitar for them (lol), or at the very least I would be able to join a decent band. When that didn't happen, I just started doing my own thing again. I've been producing music for myself, as well as with the band, for a couple of decades now. This is the first time I treated my solo material like it mattered. Usually I save my best music for the band, but they have lives and careers in Missouri and I live 2000 miles away in California. I have produced and performed on several projects for other acts here in Hollywood recently including Ryan Wooton-a country artist, Rich Harter (Harter Attack)-a metal act and Ryan Riddle (BuckFast)- alt rock. .
5. Where can people buy your music?
BoBBY: I put links on my music page at: that go directly to my iTunes and Amazon pages.
6. You have a big heart and are going to be donating 10 cents from every CRAZzy/HONESTLY song purchased in 2008 via iTunes & Amazon to Feed The Children. Your also donating your music for free to Military (past & present), Police & Fire Personnel, Doctors, Nurses (their respective staffs) Paramedics, EMT's and their families. Will you tell us about your thoughts behind doing such a generous act?
BoBBY: Personally, if it wasn't for Doctors and Nurses I would still be living in an electric wheelchair. So many people have looked out for me, I guess it's about respect. I took a lot of things for granted, before I was diagnosed, that I don't now. So while I'm here and feeling fine I wanna thank them! I had a pretty tough childhood, but it was a walk in the park compared to the kids that Feed The Children helps.
7. Anything that we missed that you would like to get out to the readers?
BoBBY: Yes, I send about 2000 emails a month to radio station program directors, in North America, urging them to play my music, with little-to-no results. Please contact your favorite local stations and tell them to play my songs! I need all the help that I can get.., Thank You!

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